Get Started

Step 1 – Schedule Your Free Introductory Assessment or join our Elements Class:

For your initial assessment, we will evaluate your current fitness level and determine together the best path to move forward towards life long fitness and health. This is an introduction to becoming a part of our community and provides you with foundational workouts so that you have the opportunity to see first hand what CrossFit 355, and CrossFit in general, is all about. To see when the next Intro to CrossFit (Elements) Classes are scheduled click here.


Step 2 – Grow in the Fundamentals of CrossFit:

In order to start the journey of being able to do the common uncommonly well (virtuosity!), each athlete will develop a grasp of the fundamental functional movements used within CrossFit and demonstrate consistency in these movements before significantly increasing intensity. Following the initial classes, athletes will join a join ongoing classes,  joining our community. For information on membership options click here.


Step 355 – Enjoy fitness as a part of a mutually supportive community:

Following your successful completion of fundamentals training within the elements classes, you will become part of a transformational community of unlikely athletes that excel at the sport of life! We are very excited about the possibility of you joining our community! For more information, contact us today!


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