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The young lady and young men in this group have absolutely blown me away in with their #committed effort to moving well and #dedication to consistent movement technique. From tight midline stability in the push up and being inverted in the wall walk as well as the ability to maintain an Olympic bar within the frontal plane, their fitness level has gone through the roof in such a short amount of time. #athlete #sportoflife – We are excited to welcome our next round of athletes to the @crossfit355 family!

The ability to control your body in space, in this case, the ability to load your posterior chain is absolutely critical in physical and neurological environment. No matter the age, we must all pick things up in life. The #difference is that we want athletes of all ages (11-74) to do it well. Our next introductory class for middle school and high school athletes starts next Tuesday, 30 May. Interested in your athlete moving well and being prepared for their sport?!? Contact us at for details.

You are cordially invited to participate fully with @crossfit355 for observance of Memorial Day with two great options: (1) Saturday morning in support of the @teamrwb #wodwithwarriors event for 2017 at the Georgetown Public Safety and Operations Center and (2) Memorial Day Murph on Monday morning at 8:30a (one workout only for the day) as we as a community conduct a #team #murphchallenge – All fitness levels are welcome for both events! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors. Young athletes are welcome to participate, however dedicated childcare will not be provided.

How do you spend your #active #rest day? The reason why we do not 'do @crossfit355' more than three days in a row is to allow our bodies to #recharge and #recover. It also allows us to maintain our tools…like our hands! We ask a lot of our hands! Shave. File. Lotion. Repeat. Because in life, when you have to pick up something heavy in an emergency you can't say 'oh, wait…let me go get my gloves'. #unknown and #unknowable #preparedforlife

Age: 74Weight: 275#Rep: 2 of 3 while establishing a 3 rep maxAre there inconsistencies in Jim's movement technique that we are working on?!? Absolutely! Maintaining a solid back angle, overcoming thoracic spine mobility issues to maintain a tall chest and externally rotated shoulders, sending hips back and down to initiate the lift, etc. However, is Jim my inspiration?!? #absolutely – He has come so far in his pursuit of lifelong fitness and health. He is the epitome of our quest for #independent living and a #complete picture of why we do what we do. His commitment to improvement in the mechanics of the movement has simultaneously minimized his risk of injury and maximized his ability to pick up progressively heavier things. Great job, Jim! #sportoflife #thecrossfit355difference #virtuosity